If you are over 25 in July

11 Jun, 2020

FTD 25+ Affiliate Lottery

We decided to make the Affiliate Lottery a pleasant tradition.

As last time, a lottery ticket is issued for 25 FTD per month. But now there are more prizes and an opportunity to get several tickets, which means more chances to get a reward. Have a fun and profitable summer!

Lottery Details

Time: from 1 July  2020 (00.00) till 1 August 2020 (00.00)

1 lottery ticket is given for achievement of 25 FTD

If you have a lot of FTD, then 1 lottery ticket is given for every 25 FTD

3 prizes of 166,666 rubles (USDEUR equivalent on the day of receiving the prize)

The draw will be held on  1 August 2020

The list of lottery tickets is generated automatically

Terms of participation

1) Have 25+ FTD from 1 July 2020 (00.00) till 1 August 2020 (00.00)

2) Apply for participation through an affiliate program ticket on any day during the Lottery

3) How to apply: write through the affiliate program messenger from your id: “I want to participate in the FTD Lottery.”

4) All revshare, CPA and brand accounts are involved, except for networks

How is the prize draw held

The draw will be held using this code in Python version 3.4.0 / 3.5.2 / 3.5.1 / 3.6.1 / 3.6.5.

# winners code

import random

import sys

print("python version - ", sys.version)

number_of_tickets = ???? #???? will be replaced by the total number of tickets - it will be known during the draw

Number_of_winning_tickets = ???? #???? will be replaced by the number of winning tickets

euro_rate = ???? #??? will be replaced by the USD / EUR rate one day before the draw





You can check the draw code by substituting the exchange rate value and the number of tickets on sites such as:

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