Affiliate Lottery in December

24 Nov, 2022

Affiliate Lottery “$500 for FTD 10+”

Christmas romance is coming and bringing our favorite Affiliate Lottery!

New affiliates have the same chance to get a prize as the biggest ones.

All you need is to attract as many new players as possible and wait for the first deposits. 

As soon as 10 is reached, you are a participant in the lottery and can win $500.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Details and Conditions

Lottery prize fund is 5000$

10 prizes of $500 will be raffled among partners who have collected 10+ FTD in December

All partner accounts with a registration date before the announcement of the Lottery participate

Time: from December 1, 2022 (00.00) to January 1, 2022 (00.00)

For reaching 10 FTD you get 1 lottery ticket

The draw will be held on January 1, 2022, prizes will be credited to the partner account on January 2

The list of lottery tickets is generated automatically

Ticket List is here

How to check the lottery result

The draw will be held using this code in Python version 3.4.0/3.5.2/3.5.1/3.6.1/3.6.5.

#code picking winners

import random

import sys

print("python version - ", sys.version)

number_of_tickets = ??? #???? will be replaced by the total number of tickets - will be known at the time of the draw

number_of_winning_tickets = ???

exchange_euro = ??? #??? will be replaced by the EUR/USD rate at the closing of the session on the next day after the end of the issuance of tickets




print("$500 - ticket #", prize[0])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[1])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[2])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[3])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[4])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[5])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[6])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[7])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[8])

print("$500 - ticket #", prize[9])

The draw will take place based on the eur/usd exchange rate on January 1, 2022 16:00 UTC.

You can check the draw code by substituting the values of the exchange rate and quantities on such sites as:

Simply put

1. Go to

2. Copy the code there

3. In the code, replace "???" on the number of tickets and the EUR/USD exchange rate

4. Click Run it

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